Summer Blog Swap: Liz @ joyfulcalamity

Chris here, and today’s post is a little different. I took part in a blog swap. So sit back and enjoy the post written by Liz. Hi everyone!  I’m Liz from Joyful Calamity.  Since the theme of this blog swap is summer, I wanted to write about my favorite summer vacation – Scotland. I went to […]

Monthly Flashback

  This was a post of 2009-11-27 from my blog.  This blog was written during a time of transition. I was moving to the basement room in my previous 2 bedroom apartment. I just recently got my hands on a copy of the new video game that came out. It’s called DJ Hero. It’s a […]

Monthly Flashback

Once a month, I plan to re-post old blogs from older website so that people can see how I thought about things years ago. And why not start on December 18, 2009. A quick back story, at this time, I was working for the Sun media group.  It was close to christmas time and of […]

Night Time Adventures Episode 1

A gay old time I put down my headset and closed out all the programs that I use every day for work purposes. I was just glad to be done that day seeing as it seemed like every call was an emergency about one issue or another. To keep it short but I was glad […]