Roommates are a necessary evil or a blessing to hold dear.Throughout the years, I’ve lived with my fair share of roommates. Some bad that they are not worth mentioning and some that will stay with me forever in my memories. The five types I’ve come across in some form or another are as follows: Thief, […]

First Loves

Large thanks go out to Alex J Cavanaugh’s for his first loves blogfest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Movie I just loved this movie. It was the first movie I remember watching in a theater. It was a hot summer’s day.  The a/c in the theater was an amazing feeling as I just enjoyed this simple story about […]

I-Full Experience

A simple question was posed to me that got me thinking, Who would be in your band? Every band has four to five members (bass player, lead guitar, singer and drummer) plus a manager and or agent. A band is a group of musicians creating music together, each part having the synergy need to become […]