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An Update appears from the Wilderness!!!


It is been a minute since I’ve been writing on the blog. The joys of working an office job and a small social life that I won’t complain about. Things are changing for the better in a lot of ways and this change is scary beyond it all. But if you don’t adept, you don’t survive and grow. Some of these changes are personal and some are as a writer.

To try and keep it brief, I will just bullet point some highlights of the past month.

1. I got a new laptop. My old one wasn’t cutting it. It served me well and I will pass it on to someone else who needs it.

2. Office life is getting a bit more robotic but that is a good thing. I can breath a little bit. It feels like sometimes that they are looking for reasons to fire us but weeks like last week remind me that my paranoia is just that. But I could always be wrong.

3. I found an editor who is willing to work with me. Finally, it came out of no where but it is a great thing. Now the hard part is going to be the re-writing of the story until it is ready for publication. The editor did say along to the end of the story but I will be on the search again for another editor.

4. Getting the final steps ready for my Facebook page to be release and now if you follow the link on my site, you can like my page.

5. I started and finished my University writing course. I won’t got into much of it now seeing as I have a whole blog set up for that but I will say I learned a lot from it.

So I hope those are still on this journey forgive me for taking so long to catch you all up but if you’ve stayed along for the ride this long, I THANK YOU so much.

Have a great day

Chris Ifill

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Canada Flag



I maybe stuck at work but I hope each and everyone one of you have a great day. Celebrate Canada with some pride!


Happy Canada Day from me here at chrisifill.com





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Rap Battle!

On Feburary 9th, I was apart of and watched a rap battle. A battle between two MCs set in the stage of an apartment. It was something you’d have to see to believe, oh wait I’ll give you that chance at the end.

I was just going to support Phexid but ended up doing double duty as a camera man. No complaints here, I help out and support my man where I can. It was a small crowd but that helped with how raw and real the event was. Just in case you didn’t know what one is, let Wikipedia help you get a basic idea of what battle rap is. Battle rap is is a type of rapping that includes a lot of braggadocio (bragging and boasting) content combined with put-downs, insults, and disses against real or imaginary opponents.

How did I score the battle? My scoring system is out of 3. I look for lyrics, stage presents & technique. Round 1 was a dead heat 3-3. Both men had everything they wanted, it was too close to tell. Round 2 Ramsey had a strong round except it was short and he lacked that presence but Phexid came correct so I scored it 2-3. Last round is where there was another stumble by Ramsey which wouldn’t have lost him the battle but he didn’t come back with that fire I figured and hoped he had. The last round was 1-2. Phexid went way too long for me. I mean it was some nice stuff but he could have cut it off and still shown how good he was.

So the final score was 5-8 for Phexid.

What did you give it? Leave a comment and let me know!

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The Monolouges

Years ago, I lived in Waterloo Ontario and I went camping with this lovely family and friends. I was seeing the mother but after this evening camping trip, I cut it off soon there after.

It was a hot summer day, a Saturday to be specific where I was just hanging out at home in the apartment. My roommate Gerry was already gone out with some of his friends and I was just seeking something to do for that night. Nancy calls and she tells me that her family and her next door neighbor were going camping in the park not even a 30min walk from my apartment building for the day/night and she wanted me to join. I thought about it and said I’d come along. I didn’t really bring anything seeing as I could come home if I didn’t want to sleep but I did bring a super warm jacket and extra pair of socks.

So after my half and hour walk, I end up at the park group with Nancy, her little son and daughter and her friends. We had burgers and hot dogs. The kids were loving life and just being kids. I was enjoying the time and I wasn’t sipping on any booze and the night went on. At first, I wasn’t going to stay but Nancy convinced me to stay the night but as we were settling down in our tent for the night, the kids were not listening to Nancy and not going to bed, so she got out of the tent and started talking and trying to get her son to bed. I was lying there for about 15mins and only hearing the conversation turning into an argument. I climbed out of the tent to see Nancy holding her son by the arm and then pop. Nancy slapped her son clear across the face. The world stopped and I had never seen this side of her. She otherwise was a great mother but in a blink of an eye, she became an ugly person. I’m not angel but I never thought she’d do that. I put back on my clothes and just made some excuse about an emergency back home. I left at 2am and walked in the dark back home.

The next day, I got over run with calls from Nancy saying that she is sorry she did that and she never has done that before. I hung out with her less and less then just stopped all together. If I sound like a bad person for stopping seeing a single mother because she hit her child, leave a message.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Cake for everyone!

Happy birthday to me! I am not planning to do all that much. In the past, I would have partied all weekend long and booked off yesterday(Monday) so I could have a long weekend but I didn’t. I guess this whole growing up thing is catching up to me. I’m 30yrs old. What does that mean to me?

It means that I’m done my 20s and so I should close out somethings that I no longer need and start to look out into the future. I won’t be leaving my friends behind but I will be trying to reconnect with the ones that I’ve lost touch with. Oh as well, I will be focusing on the healthy relationship and leaving the negative ones behind. Today is a day I just want to be happy and do whatever feels right. No stress of a birthday party or planning out something to do. I want to take advantage of the small things in life that because of the working man mentality, I’ve lost touch with. Also, going forward I want to change somethings for the better. Make better life choices, actually try to put more behind getting healthy.

What gift would I want? Gold, diamonds or even silver? Not this time, not this year. I want gifts that are different, unique and original. I know birthdays is when people give you gifts but this year, I want to give you all my readers and potential readers a small gift, a mix. Below, is a link to music I listen to and so I wanted to let you all hear some of my favorite music.

Thank you for the birthday wishes in advance.

What is an unique birthday gift that you were given or someone has given? Leave your answer in the comments below because I’m curious