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Novel Progress Week 2

Hey everyone, This is a quick update in regards to my Nanowrimo progress. So far it has been 14 days and I’m just going to give you some raw stats so far The Yearbook – A collection of short stories is 40% done. The word count as of today is 20,116 out of 50,000 words. […]

Survival Kit for November

Fancy words aside, it is almost November 1st and I’m planning and going to take on the challenge of writing a whole novel in one month.  Unlike last year, when I did a little bit of preparing and wrote my first novel, The Last Commando. This year I’m planning to have my stuff together so […]

Quick Update

There isn’t a thousands things on my to-do list but there’s enough to keep me busy. Where to start with all the changes that have been coming as of late. The first thing that I can start with is that is the fall, cold weather and of course the dreaded white curse which all call […]

One Year with Fifty Posts

April 10,2012 was the day that I set up shop with this little blog and I haven’t looked back since. It has been over a year since I’ve had this slice of the internet and one would think I’d be jumping up and down but I look back and see how this place has helped […]

Novel Progress

I figure it has been awhile so no time like the present for an update about my writing struggles. I won’t keep you in suspense long because you all want to know the status of my novel The Last Commando. And here is the situation with it. I have come to the realization that I […]