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The National Blizzard of Canada

Ottawa, Ontario is not longer just the captial of Canada but now it has a second name, Blizzard captial of Canada.  The winter hasn’t been so bad as of late but mother nature decided to remind myself and the rest of the city that winter wasn’t over yet. One day we recieved, according to CFRA.com […]

Elizabeth’s Happy Ending

The single feather hitting a calm water is the perfect ending for a movie where everything went right for the good guy. On this past Sunday, the ending came for Elizabeth Hallahan. She passed away as she wanted to, in her home, in her favorite chair. I won’t go on too much because her passing […]

Tech Talk

On the last installment of Tech Talk, I talked about the problems I was having with my laptop among other electronic issues. Well this will be a short and simple update. I’m going to look at a laptop today that will possibly have a new home with me. The stats are not well known at […]

Lesbians and Sunglasses

Last night sure was a commute home for the record books. I mean three different things happened that separately are nothing but all happening in the same place is just amazing. So the commute home started after I left work and I got a ride with a co-worker from work to a Billings Bridge. It’s […]

Me and the Paranormal

Ghosts, Spirits and Demons?.  No, I wasn’t playing one of the many video games of today.  I stumbled through Blog TV yesterday while there was nothing really on TV. What is Blog TV? Blog TV is a website where people stream video and chat with other users. You get everything from hang outs with people […]