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Welcome Back!

The break from the blogging world is now over. I took some time off because I felt like I was going to break my cardinal rule I have with this blog. The second, this blog becomes a chore and not a joy to do, I take a step back and away from it. It helps […]

Tech Talk

Laptops and I used to get along. We were the best of friends. My first laptop went 3yrs before I was unable to repair it any further. Then, as if without warning, I fell curse to the laptop curse of losing 2 laptops in two years. One was bought from second hand store while the […]

If you had more time/money, What would you do?

I found this question on just some random website but it got me thinking, What would I do? The following are things I’d do if I had more money/time: Start up a Company Travel to those special places like I’ve always wanted to Set u p my parents so that they’re set as well as […]

Friday Magic

This week, I want to help people who don’t know the ins and outs understand what the game I talk about every Friday. Magic the Gathering is defined as collectible card game created in 1993. Two players play against each other to see which has the better deck. The early years, the card ideas came […]

Thursday 5

Staying in the theme of jobs, last week I talked about the jobs I’ve had and the stories that came from it. Now this week, I want to talk about those dream jobs. We all have them. That one job where everything would be right and you would live the idea that you’d enjoy your […]