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Nanowrimo Novel & Introduction

30 Days to create a full 175 page novel?  A challenge that people all over the world this November 1st through the 31st will take part in. I have tried in the past but fall dead to the first burn out within the first 5 days.  I account those all to lack of planning and […]

9/11 Story to Never Forget

Forgetting today would do nothing but show a lack of disrespect to anyone who was effected by this horrible day. What day is today? Today is the day that we lost the twin towers & many people in the buildings and the planes that crashed into them. Being in Canada, It was a huge story […]

A Year in the Office

One year in the office is a bit of a milestone. I didn’t think I was even getting this far into the whole day job office world. I can’t really mention by name the place I work at because of the rules I signed when I started. This place is awesome. The people I work […]

The Journey Continues

If you haven’t already read the first installment in my journey, please go back and read the first part at the following link The Journey of Four Wheels So here’s a quick update in regards to the journey of me getting my licence. Basically, I have been reading bits and peices of the driver’s handbook. […]

The Journey of Four Wheels

Is that my first car that you are looking at? Well to a lot of people has already heard me say that I will buy a version of this Dodge Neon for my first car. The only problem that is stopping me is beside money is the whole thing of learning how to drive. The […]