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Lesbians and Sunglasses

Last night sure was a commute home for the record books. I mean three different things happened that separately are nothing but all happening in the same place is just amazing. So the commute home started after I left work and I got a ride with a co-worker from work to a Billings Bridge. It’s […]

Me and the Paranormal

Ghosts, Spirits and Demons?.  No, I wasn’t playing one of the many video games of today.  I stumbled through Blog TV yesterday while there was nothing really on TV. What is Blog TV? Blog TV is a website where people stream video and chat with other users. You get everything from hang outs with people […]

Stuffed Buffalo in the Cabin

I saw buffalo that entertained me. It does sound a bit odd to hear but I was shocked by how good can rock the show hard. The band is called Stuffed Buffalo. They are a band out of the Renfrew, ON. The band is made up of Ryan (drummer), Chris (bass),Jordan(Back up guitar) and the […]

A Farwell for Mike F

I couldn’t attend the funeral of a close friend’s step dad. I have always dealt with loss by writing it out. The following is what I would have said IF I could have been at the funerial for a man who became a becon of light within his own darkness. Ladies, and Gentleman. I am […]

Father’s Day and Me

The day to celebrate fathers has been a very sore spot to me. The anger I’d always feel around this time of year was so bad that points, I’d stray away from being around anyone and just be alone. Now though, I’m going to finally send my dad my first father’s day card. My mom […]