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Break Up Story

Breaking up is never easy to do. I have next to never been the one doing the breaking up. I’m the guy who gets dumped. I was listening to some music from the 90s and this one song got me thinking about my first serious relationship through high school. The relationship started good and all. […]

Me and the Paranormal

Ghosts, Spirits and Demons?.  No, I wasn’t playing one of the many video games of today.  I stumbled through Blog TV yesterday while there was nothing really on TV. What is Blog TV? Blog TV is a website where people stream video and chat with other users. You get everything from hang outs with people […]

Father’s Day and Me

The day to celebrate fathers has been a very sore spot to me. The anger I’d always feel around this time of year was so bad that points, I’d stray away from being around anyone and just be alone. Now though, I’m going to finally send my dad my first father’s day card. My mom […]