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    I maybe stuck at work but I hope each and everyone one of you have a great day. Celebrate Canada with some pride!   Happy Canada Day from me here at chrisifill.com        

100 Squats Later

If you haven’t guessed, this is a retrospective about this whole month of health challenge. No I wasn’t doing any insanty workout or some other fly by night diet plan, all I have been doing is Squats. If you don’t know already, what a squat is, as always google is your friend and hey youtube […]

The National Blizzard of Canada

Ottawa, Ontario is not longer just the captial of Canada but now it has a second name, Blizzard captial of Canada.  The winter hasn’t been so bad as of late but mother nature decided to remind myself and the rest of the city that winter wasn’t over yet. One day we recieved, according to CFRA.com […]

Me and the Paranormal

Ghosts, Spirits and Demons?.  No, I wasn’t playing one of the many video games of today.  I stumbled through Blog TV yesterday while there was nothing really on TV. What is Blog TV? Blog TV is a website where people stream video and chat with other users. You get everything from hang outs with people […]