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Google Street Car

On Wednesday, I was on my way to work and while waiting for the 176. I saw this guy taking a pic of this strange car. I look closer and to my surprise, it was the google street car. It’s an awesome little car that is hard to see. I grabbed a  pic using my […]

Story Time

I tell the stories of my life for everyone to enjoy! It was a bright summer’s day. Cameron, Simon & Amanda all met me in front of my place. I was alone before I left because my mom was at work and my brother was already gone out on his own adventures as the older […]

Friday Magic

M13 is the yearly core set that comes out in July for Magic the Gathering. It is a standard staple of magic that comes out yearly. I will take a look at some of these cards that have been spoiled so far and give you a casual outlook on them. 90 + of them have […]

Monthly Flashback

  This was a post of 2009-11-27 from my blog.  This blog was written during a time of transition. I was moving to the basement room in my previous 2 bedroom apartment. I just recently got my hands on a copy of the new video game that came out. It’s called DJ Hero. It’s a […]