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Story Time

I tell the stories of my life for everyone to enjoy! It was a bright summer’s day. Cameron, Simon & Amanda all met me in front of my place. I was alone before I left because my mom was at work and my brother was already gone out on his own adventures as the older […]

May 6th, 2012

  Of course Monday, was just another fun filled commute to work. My actual job is at an office assisting customer with the billing and tech support for an internet company. I can’t mention the actual name due to work policies but most Mondays are ridiculous in the volume of calls but this past Monday […]

I-Full Experience

A simple question was posed to me that got me thinking, Who would be in your band? Every band has four to five members (bass player, lead guitar, singer and drummer) plus a manager and or agent. A band is a group of musicians creating music together, each part having the synergy need to become […]