A Farwell for Mike F

I couldn’t attend the funeral of a close friend’s step dad. I have always dealt with loss by writing it out. The following is what I would have said IF I could have been at the funerial for a man who became a becon of light within his own darkness.

Ladies, and Gentleman. I am not familiar to some of you but I came to know Mike as not just a father to Jennifer but as a friend. I wouldn’t say I knew him all that well but the one thing I knew is that he made it his goal to treat me with respect and acted like I was apart of the family.

From day one, I remember how I meet him. One morning after I had been out on a near all nighters and stumbling down in shorts and a t-shirt, I see a man holding a beer pointing at me. I was so not in the mood to be overly chatty. Mike didn’t see that as a bad thing, rather he just asked me how rough my night was. Got me to laugh that’s for sure.  I guess Mike approved me. I knew that he was just being friendly and I started to like him.
Mike was an honest soul. He gave me an open offer, come over anytime you’re around. It didn’t matter if Jennifer was around. Oh, another thing was that he asked how I was. Taking an interest in a roommate of your step daughters, it meant a lot to me. We would always have drinks. Me with a glass of Gin and him with his beer; we were complete opposites but we meshed in that sense.

A thousands story can’t tell how honest of a soul Mike could me. I was saddened by the loss of him. A tear did drop for him, the moment I found out like how one dropped as I wrote this. Even in the darkness, he radiated a beacon of light that he wouldn’t let go out. Even in death, I hope he found the peace he was seeking.

Thank you Mike


4 comments on “A Farwell for Mike F

  1. I’m so sorry that you couldn’t make it Chris.

  2. Sorry for your loss x

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