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Friday Magic

M13 is the yearly core set that comes out in July for Magic the Gathering. It is a standard staple of magic that comes out yearly. I will take a look at some of these cards that have been spoiled so far and give you a casual outlook on them. 90 + of them have been spoiled and I will go through a couple of stand outs to me.

Angelic Benediction Exalted Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, you may tap target creature.

I call this a possible win condition within certain control decks.

Serra Avatar

Serra Avatar’s power and toughness are equal to you life total. AKA bomb in limited and it could be a possible standard powerhouse.

Mind Sculpt

Pay 1U to mill for 7. I call that a good card.

Jace’s Phantasm

A 1/1 for U that once you mill 10 it turns into a 5/5.

Liliana’a Shade

Black ramp? Never heard of before as far as I’ve been considered but this will definately get picked up in my collection.

Mwonvuli Beast Tracker

A creature for 3 that can fetch any number of creatures and put it on the top of your library. Yup! A good card in a lot of decks.

This was my quick look at the spoilers for M13 which comes out in July. If I decided to buy a booster box for this core set, I will grab some photos and show you how crazy it all gets.
As well, this weekend, I will be after a brief step away I’m gonna be playing with my regular or as of late, semi-regular gaming group. Hoping for a good couple of games.

Have a great weekend,


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