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Stuffed Buffalo in the Cabin

I saw buffalo that entertained me. It does sound a bit odd to hear but I was shocked by how good can rock the show hard. The band is called Stuffed Buffalo. They are a band out of the Renfrew, ON. The band is made up of Ryan (drummer), Chris (bass),Jordan(Back up guitar) and the front man Kevin (vocal & lead guitar). The herd of Buffalo roamed into Ottawa to be apart of a battle of the bands show at the Cabin. I showed up at close to 11:40pm. I had a couple of drinks. Yes, the Cabin kept to it’s Ottawa staple of being over priced drinks. $5 for a mixed drink and it was in a baby cup but the food was good. The people that were up before the Stuffed Buffalo were all sorts of bad. There was a solo girl whose voice was putting me to sleep. The one man bad with just a keyboard & a internet back up group just sucked. The group played 2 songs which had the whole place up and jumping. It was a sight to see, good rock music that people were into is a sight to be seen. I was into the music which is alternative but with a modern twist. By the end of the second song, the crowd was chanting for one more song. And of course, they played to crowd and played another song.

So yeah, Stuffed Buffalo rocked the cabin and I was there to witness and experience.

Have a great day,


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